Kate Percy’s leek and potato soup

It’s cold outside, I’m at home with the kids for half term, my wife’s at work, it’ll be dark when she gets home and I’m thinking we all need to snuggle in with a winter warmer for dinner. There is where Kate Percy’s recipe for leek and potato soups

comes in. Good hearty, cheap ingredients (leeks, potatoes, onion, vegetable stock, black pepper), easy to make and you can re-heat it then serve it when you want.

I usually rinse the potatoes, but leave the skins on for the nutrients and fibre in them. And I never add salt to anything. If you use an alternative to the suggested dairy single cream or creme fraiche, such as coconut milk or even avocado (yum!), then it’s great for vegans like me (I think it tastes pretty good even without this, to be honest).

This would be a good meal to see you through the day, with a balance of the

nutrition you need. For a modest calorie count per serving, you get a good amount of pro

tein, carbs, fibre and fat. But I made this for an evening meal.Eat, enjoy and relax!

Best of all, I loved hearing the soup bubbling away on the stove as the fab smell of homemade soup heads my way!

Ingredients to serve 4:

1 medium onion and 3 medium leeks (trimmed, sliced, rinsed) fried gently in 25g vegan spread

Add 3 diced medium potatoes and stir for 5mins

Add ground black pepper and 1-1.2 litres vegetable stock (vegan)

Cook, then blend until smooth

Stir-in non-dairy alternative to single cream

Serve with nice bread

You can find more ideas and free recipes at Kate Percy’s Go Faster Food