Kate Percy's home-baked beans

One of my favou

rite takeaway breakfasts in recent times has been the bean and mushroom bowl from Pret (minus the poached egg, of course). This dish from Go Faster Food for your Active Family reminds me of that. It’s a great winter warmer, packed with protein, low-GI carbs, vitamin B, fibre, minerals and a modest calorie count. Putting it together is simple (10mins), with mostly store cupboard/veg box

staples (tinned cannellini, haricot or borlotti beans, olive oil, onion, tomato, celery, garlic, herbs and spices). Then you just have to let it cook - 90mins of checking your social media, reading or iPlayer, whatever your taste! That's my kind of cooking!

good slow burning energy throughout the day

I had intended to eat the beans for breakfast, a la beans-on-toast, with some grated vegan cheese. They’re good slow burning energy throughout the day and keep your hunger at bay, so are an excellent choice for breakfast. This is good for me - weekdays I either cycle commute a 25k round trip into central London or get out for a training run (which could anything from 6miles to 20miles, of various kinds of run). Not only do I need slow-burning energy for the training, I also need it to be a dad with an active family and a productive worker who earns his pay!

10 December 2017

As it happens, my wife and I ate the beans with vegan sausages and fried carrots for dinner, which wasn't the plan! I had the leftovers for lunch the next day. So, I need to get on and make another batch for my breakfasts - now where's that tin of cannellini beans?!!Kate Percy's Go Faster Food