Chia seed energy balls

This recipe was so quick and easy, with no cooking involved! It’ll give you about six little power-packed energy balls with nothing was wasted.

At about 50kcal per ball, they’re what I’d consider lite. They’ve got fibre, vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. The chia seeds are li

ttle marvels - protein, carbs, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants. I prepared the energy balls ahead of a weekend of running and cycling, so I could pop them in a plastic bag and stuff them in my backpack or shirt pocket.

If, like me, you're vegan, you'll need to use an alternative to honey, such as maple syrup. Watch out when you’re rolling them into balls, these guys are sticky! Now I did struggle to get six balls all of roughly the same size, but I’ll work on my technique for next time!

You can find the find the recipe on the Go Faster Food website.