Review: eGlove Sport and eGlove Bike Gel Pro

The first thing I have to say about eGlove gloves is what incredible value they are. Over the years, I've worn a range of gloves for cycling and running, some cheaper, some more expensive. And, let's face it, it's possible to pay a lot of money for cycling gloves, in particular. For the price, these are very good.

I tried out the

touch-screen Sport gloves first off. They're designed for running and I wore them three times before writing this review. I chose the black ones, but they also come in brighter colours for extra visibility and for those who like that kind of thing. The 'e' logo looks good and I like the overall design. The lycra material used is very light and has a nice soft feel to it. I like the cuff length, long enough to fit

under long sleeves and for my running watch to fit over the cuff. But not so long it bundles up under my sleeve (and makes me look like I'm going to a ball!).When I ran in temperatures of around 10 degrees, they were nice and warm. eGlove say they can cope with as low as 3 degrees, but when I had a cold morning run at around that temperature, my thumbs were starting to get cold. The material was breathable and even after a 90 minute run, they didn't feel damp. When I go for shorter runs, I tend to take my iPhone and use the Nike+ app, so the part silicon grip feature is very handy (pun klaxon, sorry!).

Now, you can either master the art of 'snot rocket' or you'll need the soft material that runs along the thumb and index finger of these gloves that helps the more runny-nosed amongst us!So, on to the Bike Gel Pro gloves. I tested these on much colder days, with a couple of 2 degrees early morning starts. They probably need an inner glove when it's that cold, certainly my thumbs would have felt the cold otherwise. The stitching is neat, and it seems nice and strong. Although one of the the thumbs on my

set was stitched a bit pointy, there was no rubbing or discomfort. The padding is in all the right places. As well as my usual commute of about 10 miles, I also did a 50 mile ride and they were completely comfy.I went with the sizing on the eGlove website and chose small for the running and cycling gloves. This was just right and a nice snug fit, and I could fit a thin inner glove in if I needed to. I have to say that not all of the touch screen gloves I've had in the past have actually worked for that purpose, but these ones definitely do! The gloves washed well in the washing machine along with all of my other smelly kit! As with all technical kit, don't use fabric softener when washing as it can ruin its performance.

So, my verdict - don't spend your hard earned cash on the higher end of the market when gloves that perform as well as these are around at such a decent price. As I write, they have some great deals on too, so I highly recommend checking them out.20 November 2017