Go Bites review

I like Kate Percy's ethos. Kate's the founder of Go Faster Food and a sports nutritionist cook. She believes in the importance of refuelling the right way to support our physical and emotional well being. I'm a very active runner and cyclist, as well as vegan, and Kate's slogan 'real foods fuel you better' chimes nicely with my own feelings about what is best for us.

Real foods fuel you better

The first thing that surprised me about Go Bites is that they're not a bar! Each packet contains three energy balls and they look good! More akin to a bonbon than something that's actually good for you, they're sprinkled with nuts. When you first bit into one, you find a dense texture. I like the fact they don't fall apart and sprinkle bits everywhere!. I tried hazelnut and chocolate first and it was delicious, definitely tasted like a treat! The ingredients are 100% natural. Importantly for me, the hazelnut and chocolate (recover) a

nd date and coconut (boost) versions are vegan.Go Bites are a handy size that I've started slipping into the outside side pocket of my backpack. So, if I'm running or cycling, I can easily reach back and pull out one of these delicious little balls of fuel!You can find out more about Go Bites and check out Kate Percy's excellent library of recipes at https://www.gofasterfood.com/14 October 2017