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Kate Percy’s potato rosti

At times, life may be a bit hectic - family, running, work, cycling, sport, running, cycling (!) - but I still want to eat well and not snack on bad stuff! If you’ve read any of my other recipe write-ups, you’ll have seen that I like dishes that are:

1. vegan

2. quick

3. simple

4. nutritious

5. tasty

Well, this is one of those, thank goodness. This rosti is good as part of a post exercise meal, in particular, to help you recover and be good to go again tomorrow - it supplies a good portion of carbs and some protein.

I followed the easy recipe, but kept an eye on how much oil to use - enough to fry, not more than you need. Sunflower oil contains some good fats but I still want to be careful how much I use.

Ingredients to serve four

100g potatoes, grated

Crushed garlic clove


Black pepper 

Sunflower oil

I probably grated the potato a bit too chunky, more like thin slices, because I like texture. I suspect this made it a bit difficult to form the patties that were. They held together fine, but weren’t so pretty or neat - I’d have been rubbish on GBBO! I also cooked the patties for longer than the 10 minutes recommended, in fact, until a knife went through them easily and I knew the potato was cooked.

The end product was well tasty and a cinch to make, keep this one handy!

         (my less than neat patties!)

Nutrition per serving

Energy 121kcal

Protein 2g

Carbs 20g

Sugar 1.5g

Salt 0.5g

Fibre 3g

Fat 4g

Saturates trace

Kate Percy’s Go Faster Food