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Review: Go Faster Food fruit Go Bites

If, like me, you’re already a fan of the original Go Bites, you’ll recognise the packaging on these new fruit-flavoured ones straight away. Helpfully, each of the six flavours now in the range is labelled as boost, refuel or recover, so you know where to fit them into your exercise plan.

The three new fruity flavours are raspberry and cacao (boost), strawberry and cashew (refuel), blackcurrant and blueberry (recover). You can read my review of the original three favours here. Thankfully for me, they’re all vegan-friendly. They’re 100% simple, natural ingredients and are high in fibre. There’s no refined sugar, just the sweetness of the fruit for flavour. Like Hazelnut & Cacao from the original range, the Blackcurrant & Blueberry Go Bites are a source of informed sport approved rice protein).

Raspberry and cacao: a lovely consistency and a great balance of the fruit/chocolates flavours

Strawberry and cashew: this one’s a bit firmer and cashews are just lush anytime, aren’t they?!

Blackcurrant and blueberry: full on fruit blast!

I’ve been using Go Bites as part of my running and cycling nutrition for a while now and I have become one of their ambassadors. As much as anything, I like the fact that these little balls fit easily into my Flip Belt so I can snack on the run, or in my backpack for my cycle commute. But popping a couple in at the right time definitely gives me a boost when I most need it!

Real food fuels you better

One of Go Faster Food’s slogans is ‘Real food fuels you better’ and I’m completely with them on this, I choose Go Bites over gels every time! You find out more about Kate Percy’s philosophy and Go Bites here.